Dysly Reader is a free chrome extension focused on improving reading & comprehension.

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About Dysly Reader

Dysly is a free chrome extension that includes features to help people with dyslexia read and work on the internet with minimal disruption to intended content and designs. The goal is to help kids and adults with any learning disability or reading fluency gain confidence, improve the overall experience of reading online, work with minimal disruption, and customize their own digital preferences.

Dysly Features

Text-to-Speech Tool.

This tool lets you can select sections of the page and get the text read aloud to you.

Flexible and Interactive Reader Window

This feature helps provide focus and control for a customized reading experience.

Multiple Style Themes

These allow you to customize the reading experience you have on every page you visit.


Brian Swanson

Great tool for making any website more accessible!

John Lloyd

This Chrome extension is a lifesaver for dyslexic readers. Its focus and contrast controls make online text easier to read, reducing distractions and eyestrain. Easy to use and compatible with most websites, it's a must-have for anyone with dyslexia.